Myths causing blunders in beauty!

Photo of a beautiful Indian girl.

London: In a day to day life we adapt some misconceptions regarding beauty cares. These wrong myths lead to habits which are a blunder in your beauty. People due to some misconceptions continue using wrong methods and make some common beauty mistakes.

Here are some beauty blunders which we often commit:

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Cleaning face with soap and water is a good technique:

It’s a big NO as soaps are alkaline and moreover they can’t remove make-up, dirt, pollutant efficiently. Using soap make the skin dry.

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Cleaning face with soap and water frequently is good method:

This is totally misperceived myth that is likely to lead problems like acne and it is suggested that one must not wash her face more than twice a day.

Cream applied on the skin should be left on night:

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It’s a mistake we deliberately make. Applying cream for whole night may block pores instead they must be free while we sleep.

If your skin is dry you can apply a light moisturizer after cleaning excess cream with moist cotton.

No skin care needed for normal skin:

This is totally wrong perception. All kind of skin requires routine care so that dirt and pollutant can be removed and to daily care of skin make it healthy.

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Dirt in the pores is blackheads:

No, this is not true. Blackheads are caused when hardened sebum (skin’s natural oil) gets collected since the pore is open, the tip is exposed to the air and gets oxidized, hence the black coloured tip and the name “blackhead.”

No requirement of Sunscreens winter:

Yes, Sunscreens are required to be applied in winters too. It’s necessary if we spend more time under sun. Sunscreens protect skin from harmful UV rays.

Massage of the head with oil is good for hair growth:

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No, it is a misbelieve. Hair loss causes when roots are weak and massage can lead to more hair loss. When you massage, regret rubbing. Move fingertips I a circular path instead massaging.

(Note:- Story by Ila Kazmi)