Nagarjuna turns 57, celebrates birthday while working

Photo of Telugu film actor Akkineni Nagarjuna.

Mumbai: Famous Indian television presenter, producer turned Telugu film actor Akkineni Nagarjuna turned 57-year-old today.

Nagarjuna spent the day working; he says he is happy to get roles that satisfy his craving for challenges.

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The actor further added, “I am lucky to be still working as a leading man at a time when my two sons have joined the film industry. I wouldn’t say I am at the far end of my career. But in the second half of my career, I want to make sure every move and movie makes me happy as an artiste.”

Nagarjuna said in an interview, “At the same time. I want my audience’ approval for what I do.”

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On his birthday, the shooting of “Hathiram Baba” kept him busy. He said it’s a “film very close to my heart”.


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