Naked therapist Sarah White treats her patients by getting nude

Photo of 24-year-old naked therapist Sarah White.

New York: Meet the 24-year-old naked therapist by profession miss Dr Sarah White who treats her patient by taking off her clothes. This sounds little bit weird to all of you but this is absolutely right.

This naked therapist who solves patients’ problems by stripping off during sessions while treating her patientshas the answers for getting naked.

Sarah has brought a brand new type of therapy to the people of New York. By slowly peeling away the layers of her clothes during the session, she believes it will allow her to peel away the layers of her clients’ subconscious.

She said: ‘During the sessions I use the power of arousal to let you gain more control over your life.

‘The goal is to use nakedness so you can understand yourself and your world better, so you can feel great and powerful, and so the excitement you feel during the sessions can lead to more excitement outside the sessions.’

The naked therapist’s unique approach to helping people has aroused interest from dozens of people. Unsurprisingly, most of her clients are men.

Miss White, from the Upper West Side, studied psychology as an undergraduate at university but believed there was something missing and uninspiring from the classical training – and that was an open interest in sexuality.

She told the international web media journalist: ‘For men especially, who are less likely than women to go to therapy, it is more interesting, more enticing, and more exciting. It’s a more inspiring approach to therapy.

‘I felt early on that something was missing from classical therapy, it seemed to encourage repression as opposed to encouraging people to open up.’

The 24-year-old begins the session with her clothes on, as the hour-long appointment progresses, she takes off every item of clothing until there is nothing left.

The initial sessions, which cost $150, are conducted via a one-way web cam and text chat.

Once she builds a rapport with a client she moves to two-way Skype video appointments and then, in some cases, in-person consultations.

She has around 30 clients so far which are an eclectic mix of college students with sexual issues, middle-aged men with relationship problems and even some women who enjoy a chat with a nude peer.