Narendra Modi motivates young entrepreneurs

New Delhi: Narendra Modi message to Indian start-up entrepreneurs is very simple: Government is keen to work with you in order to develop a roadmap for growth.

“Policymakers in government are relatively senior. The group I am meeting today is young. I want both to work together for India’s good,” pointed out PM Modi.

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He further went on to add that the government was keen to get suggestions and feedback to develop policies that can have a positive impact on the nation.

“This was the first attempt, the first government-led attempt…” Modi said. “I want this institutionalized and I am open to suggestions on how to make this an yearly affair,” Modi said.

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Modi urged entrepreneurs working in the identical sector to collectively discuss suggestions.

In terms of figures, services employed over two-thirds of the total workforce in 2014 in all the top 15 service producing countries, except India and China.

Number of entrepreneurs in the meet called for innovation in teacher training, enabling digital access.

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