Narendra Modi Unplugged

New Delhi: Narendra Modi Quotes

* “Registration of 2.10 lakh companies out of 3 lakh suspicious firms identified post note ban has been cancelled.”

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* “This is the time of a big transformation, the importance of honest and transparent governance is being realized.”

* “I will not let the present problems jeopardize the future of the country.”

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* “Fundamentals of Indian economy are strong; reform process will continue keeping financial stability in mind”

* “The government understands the value of your hard-earned money, our policies are focused at bettering the lives of the poor and middle class.”

* “Demonetistaion was a great success. It has reduced cash to GDP ratio to 9%. Before November 8, 2016 it was 12%.”

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* “I have told the GST council to review the problems being faced by traders and we are willing to make changes as per the suggestions.”

* “GDP growth dipped to 5.7% or below eight times during UPA regime when nation was faced with high inflation, CAD and fiscal deficit.”