Navratri Special: Benefits of special Navratri ingredients

Photo related to Navratri festival ingredients.

New Delhi: Navratri, festive of nine auspicious nights is celebrated with full zeal and devotion every year before the festival of Dusherra in every part of country. The devotees observe nine day fast and worship nine different form of Goddess Durga. During Navratri fasts devotes consume selective foods like singhara atta, fresh vegetables, milk yogurt and makhanas.

Navratri dishes are not only nutritious but also lighter to consume and are healthier. Not only this food recommended to be consumed during Navratri is light and can easily be digested.

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Here are benefits of some food specially consumed during Navratri:-

Amarnath or Rajgira: Is a type of flour which consists of a high amount of lysine that is helpful to absorb calcium. Amarnath or rajgira also contains high fibre, oil and phytosterols which are beneficial to reduce cholesterol and hyper-tension.

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Singhare ka atta: It contains carbohydrates, VitaminB and E and also is a good source for nutrients like potassium, zinc etc. This ingredient is a good coolant and removes toxics from body system. This is used to prepare roti or puri people consume while observing Navratri fasts.

Kuttu ka atta (buckwheat flour): Kuttu atta contains low calories and is very nutritious for health. This carbohydrate rich food is known to facilitate digestive system as it is comparatively lighter than wheat and barley flour.

Sendha salt: This salt is commonly used during Navratri and is rich with properties like detoxifying digestive system and also contains nutrients like magnesium and calcium.

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Fruits and vegetables: When you are fasting at that time having fruits and selective vegetables provides vitamin and minerals which keep your body fresh and active. These are the best source of energy and don’t harm your digestive system.

Milk, Milk products and dry fruits: These are well enriched with proteins, which are useful to form new body cells and also repairs old and damaged body cells thus maintain your body and keeps it healthy.


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