Near about 61 percent voting recorded in fourth phase of UP polls

Photo related to voting in fourth phase of Uttar Pradesh polls.

Lucknow: At-least sixty-one per cent voting was recorded from nearly 2 crore voters today who casted their votes in phase four of the Uttar Pradesh state assembly elections.

According to the Election Commission official, the turnout percentage is likely to touch 63 per cent as, several people were still in queues waiting for their turn to vote till 5 PM.

53 constituencies in 12 districts went for elections in phase four.

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The poll percentage was 59.9 per cent in the corresponding seats in the 2012 assembly elections and 57.1 per cent in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Deputy Election Commissioner Vijay Dev, in charge of Uttar Pradesh, told reporters here.

With poll machinery in the state keeping up the pressure on anti-social elements, Rs 13.49 crore in cash and 3.26 lakh litres of liquor worth Rs 8.17 crore was seized in run up to this phase.

A total of Rs 201 crore has been seized so far in cash and kind including liquor, drugs and precious metals-all used to influence voters.

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So far, Rs 112.5 crore in cash, 19.78 lakh litres of liquor worth Rs 56.05 crore, Rs 7.41 crore worth of drugs, and Rs 25.15 crore worth of precious metals including gold and silver have been seized by election authorities from across Uttar Pradesh.

He said a “pre-poll” incident of violence was reported last night from Mahoba where SP and BSP workers had clashed, leaving two injured.