Need to defend Indian universities as independent: Ansari

Photo of the Vice President Hamid Ansari.

New Delhi: According to the information given by the officials, Vice President Hamid Ansari today stated that there is an imperative need to defend the freedom of the Indian universities and declare them as independent.

While addressing gathering at the 66th Convocational Address at the Panjab University in Chandigarh, Ansari went on to say: “In a period of rampant distrust of matters intellectual, there is an imperative need to defend the universities as free spaces, as independent, critical repositories of knowledge, and as sources of renewal of liberal values that provide avenues of social mobility and equality to people.”

Mr. Ansari further went on to say: “We need to remind ourselves of the democratic aspirations of pragmatic liberal education while recalling that ‘our finest universities help fulfill the dreams of our best selves as a people.”

Speaking about the importance of academic freedom in the working of universities, Ansari added: “Academic freedom is the foundation of the university’s mission to discover, improve, and disseminate knowledge.”

He further stated: “The ideas, no matter how uncomfortable or disturbing to the accepted status quo, can and must be challenged, modified and even discarded – on their merit, but may never be muted or suppressed.”

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