New frog species resembling Litoria Gracilenta discovered in Australia

Sydney: As per the information given by the scientist, a novel specie of frog was discovered in Australia’s largest virgin forest in Queensland.

The newly discovered specie resembles the Graceful tree frog (Litoria Gracilenta) was discovered.

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Scientist Jodi Rowley talking to media stated that this beautiful new creature was determined as a new species after undergoing rigorous tests.

Rowley further mentioned that her colleague Keith McDonald from the Queensland museum was the first person who had laid eyes on the Cape York tree frog, scientifically known as Litoria Bella, in 2000 during one of his field-work outings.

One of a colleague of Rowley said in the Australian museum blog, “By looking at differences in its appearances, as well as its advertisement call and DNA, we now concluded that the Cape York Graceful Tree frog is a distinct species, bringing the number of known frog species in Australia to 239.”

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As we know that globally one-third of the world’s frog species are in danger, the discovery of finding new species was an extremely  historic moment for the scientists in all around the world, Rowley said.

By- Ishita Chauhan