New India is not about ‘upkaar’ but about ‘avsar’: Modi

Photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday stated at the India Today Conclave that the country’s people are coming together to create a ‘new India’ and also highlighted the point that people’s power is more important than government’s power and that new India is an opportunity for all.

While addressing people at the India Today Conclave, PM Modi went on to say: “New India is not about ‘upkaar’ but about ‘avsar’. It is about opportunity for all. A fast pace of development cannot be attained unless all 125 crore Indians come together.”

On the other hand, Modi also emphasized on the mood of the people after demonetization and further went on to say: “After Diwali, we took a step against black money and corruption… you have seen the mood of the people after that.”

Talking about the government’s steps like ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ and gas subsidy, PM added: “It feels as if people have come together during war, or a natural calamity; today, we can see people are uniting on these issues.”

Prime Minister also said that the people are coming together to end the evil and faults among themselves and new India will bring advantages and opportunity to all.

Modi stated: “There are many people who have failed in understanding this, or even touching it. People are coming together. For what? To end evil and shortcomings within themselves. The dreams of a new India are imbibed in this.”

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