New missile can hold big nuclear warhead: N. Korean regime

Photo of the missile launched in North Korea.

Korea: According to the information given by a news agency, the North Korean regime today stated that the new intercontinental ballistic missile can hold a big nuclear warhead.

As per the news reports, “The test-launch was aimed to confirm the tactical and technological specifications and technological features of the newly developed ICBM rocket capable of carrying a large-sized heavy nuclear warhead.”

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The note said North Korean leader Kim Jong-un described the missile launched on July 4 as “a package of gifts…on its Independence Day” for the Americans.

Pyongyang announced on Tuesday through its state television that it had successfully tested, for the first time, an ICBM “capable of hitting any target in the world”.

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The reports stated it was a new missile named Hwasong-14, which reached a maximum height of 2,802 km and travelled 933 km in 39 minutes.

This new test marks a breakthrough in the Kim Jong-un regime’s weapons programs, and once again has been condemned by the international community.

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