New study on ‘Human Behavior’ found

A new study on Human Behavior found that there are four types of ‘Basic Human Personality’ in which we can classify people. They are optimistic, pessimistic, trusting and envious.

First are a group of Optimistic people who believe in having a hope for good future and pretty much confident about it.

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Second are Pessimistic people who tend to believe in the worst part of a things or situation or believe that the worst will happen.

Thirdly there are ‘trusting’ people who show or tend to believe in the honest and sincere behavior of a person and are not suspicious.

Fourthly, these are those people who feel envy of other people and show it to other person also. Researchers said, Envy, is one of the maximum types of Behavior found in us, 30 percent. While the other types of behavior is only 20 percent of type.

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In this study, include the researchers of Universidad Carlos lll de Madrid in Spain, analyses the responses of 541 people.

These volunteers gone through hundred of difficult situations, with options in which they need to collaborate or conflict with each others, which is based on the collective interest or individual. This study was published in the journals Science Advances.

By-Ishita Chauhan

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