New twist in Mumbai blaze incident, big revelation by fire department

According to the investigation report given by the Mumbai fire department, it was the hookah embers which came in contact with combustible curtain fabric at Mojo Bistro restaurant sparked the blaze in Kamala Mills that killed 14 people on December 29.

The fire then spread to illegally erected thatched roof of the 1 Above restaurant. The latest finding negated the earlier theory that the fire originated from 1Above. The report also revealed that both the ill-fated restaurants did not have necessary permission for hookah parlour and liquor bar. They were only permitted to serve food.

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The report submitted on Friday to civic chief Ajoy Mehta also found that both the restaurants had a large stock of combustible materials such as burning charcoal, synthetic curtains and cushions, wooden props and the illegal temporary shed made of bamboo among others. These materials helped the fire to spread rapidly.

Fire brigade found stock of burnt charcoal, hookahs, standpipes, and pedestal fans among others in Mojo Bistro restaurant.

They also found violation of several fire safety norms like bar tenders resorting to “fire trick,” alterations on the third floor where restaurants were situated, enclosure/encroachment of fire escape balconies on all the floors, which blocked the escape route to staircase, passages were used to store beer kegs.