What next for Qatar as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and UAE cut ties

FILE- In this Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2014 file photo, Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani attends a Gulf Cooperation Council summit in Doha, Qatar. Bahrain says it is cutting diplomatic ties to Qatar amid a deepening rift between Gulf Arab nations. (AP Photo/Osama Faisal, File)

Qatar is being abandoned by the likes of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates on the backdrop of supporting ‘terrorism’.

The decision has come after a deepening rift between the Gulf Arab nations. It’s all kick started after Qatar alleged last month that hackers took control of their state-run news agency and published fake comments with regard to Iran and Israel. The other four countries reacted immediately by blocking all Qatari-based media.

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The four countries has said in a joint statement that that they would withdraw their respective diplomatic missions from Qatar.

Bahrain has banned its nationals from travelling to Qatar or from staying there. Qatari residents and visitors have been given two weeks deadline to leave the Kingdom.

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Saudi Arabia said the move was initiated in order to protects its Kingdom from terrorism and extremism. Indications are that Qatari troops would be expelled from the on-going war in Yemen.

Straight after that, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates announced they would be ending diplomatic ties with Qatar, Egypt accused Qatar of backing terrorism groups, while UAE is of the view that they are creating unrest in the region.


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