No news papers for Lucknowites due to hawkers strike

Photo related to hawkers strike in Lucknow city.

Lucknow: The people from Uttar Pradesh capital city Lucknow is not be able to read news papers now a days when they wake up in the morning because of hawkers strike from past five days.

Basically, the strike started on September 2nd and it has entered in 5th day on Tuesday i.e on 6th of September.

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The reason behind this strike is there is a difference of opinion between hawkers and the new papers distribution companies.

The strike has entered in such a worst condition that one news paper has asked its reader to go to nearest police station to read the news paper because papers are available there only.

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The hawkers went on strike on November 2nd, since then Lucknowites were not be able to read paper in the morning which generally use to reach their home before the hawker went on strike started.