No tracking with Aadhaar

The Narendra Modi government has told SC that the Aadhaar scheme cannot be used to track any individual.

This explanation is widely been seen as an attempt to clarify issues that the Aadhaar scheme would be used by the government in order to snoop on private individuals.

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Government has disclosed that technology used in the unique numbering system cannot be used for the purpose of tracking.

The act is framed in a manner, with lots of checks and balances, that even the authority wouldn’t be aware of the fact where the Aadhaar is being used.

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By giving all these information, the government is highlighting the growing importance of data protection. The requirement to ensure growth of the digital economy while keeping personal details of citizens secure and protected.

Around 15.15 crore people have enrolled in Aadhaar. That’s 98% of the population. The government stance is pretty straightforward: Aadhaar statute will take care of privacy violations.

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