North Korea accuses US of plotting to provoke another Korean War

According to the information given by the North Koreas’s Foreign Ministry, North Korea has accused the US of plotting to provoke another Korean War by convening a foreign ministers’ meeting in Vancouver, Canada.

“The US, in collusion with Canada, created the scene of war simulation by summoning the foreign ministers’ meeting of the countries participated in the Korean War,” Xinhua quoted an official from the North Koreas’s Foreign Ministry as saying.

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Some 20 countries, mostly those which joined the US in its aggression war against North Korea in 1950s, participated in the meeting on January 15-16. Japan and South Korea also took part in it.

The official said US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson “openly trumpeted” at the meeting that the US and its allies would intensify the pressure campaign against North Korea by limiting export of oil and industrial products, strengthening naval control and expelling North Korean workers abroad until it stops its nuclear program.

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“The meeting speaks to the fact that the US is willing to spark a new war in the Korean Peninsula at any cost although it talks about dialogue,” he added.