Now a choreography course by Farah Khan!

Mumbai: A choreography course by Choreographer turned director Farah Khan is all set to make a mark in association with School of Performing Arts.

Farah Khan has in the recent past choreographed some iconic songs in the showbiz.

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Farah Khan has collaborated with Shashi Ranjan’s ITA (Indian Television Academy) School of Performing Arts to design this choreography course in India which is also first of its kind.

“For years people have asked me why don’t you open a dance class but that was never my interest. I had zero interest in just another dance class. Many people had opened dance class and they have done a fabulous job but I had no interest in it,” Farah Khan said at an event here.

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“When I was approached for this (choreography course) they wanted to open dance class of next level and I was thrilled. Next year I will complete 25 years in this industry so I thought this is the ideal time.”


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