Now book cab with Google search by comparing rates

Photo related to news now book cab with Google search by comparing rates.

New Delhi: Now Google has come with new function, which will help the travelers to get a cab without paying unfair charges for a cab.

This Google service which is already there in Google maps will help the users to get Uber or Ola taxi whenever they will search for location or direction as per the media report.

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This offer is made by a California based technology giant that this service will also provided to the other countries for comparing rates and booking cabs.

This step has been taken to help people get out of the ‘How to get a cab fast?’ and ‘How to get a cab at a minimum rate?’ without wasting time.

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The company said in a statement that, “They will get to see a tab for ride service, both Uber and Ola, with fare estimates and pick-up times if a car is available” and user redirected towards an app of the cab whose services they are choosing for travelling.

The programme manager of Google, Saket Gupta said, “Our aim is to help users simplify their everyday travel.”

(By:- Ishita Chauhan)

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