One single nation spreading terrorism, Modi at G20

Photo of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Hangzhou (China): Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing G20 summit today, said that “one single nation” is motivating and spreading terrorism in South Asia. On the concluding day of G20 summit held in China’s Hangzhou, Narendra modi indirectly pointed towards a single Asian nation, blaming it to support terrorism.

Modi stated that “One single nation in South Asia is spreading agents of terror in countries of our region.” He also urged all nations to unite against terrorism and to isolate and sanction states promoting terror, adding that some nations use terror as a tool of state policy as well as take no strong actions against militant spreading roots of terror from their land.

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The PM on Monday referred to G20 leaders that India as a nation has a zero policy towards terrorism and effective measures are required at World level to curb such menace.

Modi also urged international community to speak and act together to fight against terrorism. He hit out at Pakistan without naming it for the second time, earlier he referred our neighbour country as a source of terror in the region.

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He also raised China-Pakistan Economic Corridor issue urging Chinese PM XI Jinping to raise above politics and adapt measures against states promoting terror. He called for collaboration of global community against the challenge of terrorism and also stated that if no severe measure is taken now by world community the problem of terror will become huge.

The remark of PM is an effort from India’s part to raise concern about terrorism globally and press international community to clear their stand on terrorism. The lack of vision and characterizing terrorism in terms of good or bad resulted in inefficient dealing against terrorism.

(Note:- Story by Ila Kazmi)

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