Opposition jibes at PM Modi for raising Kashmir issue in MP rather in Parliament

New Delhi: On Wednesday, the opposition in the Parliament discussed about the current situation in Kashmir Valley and also the thrashing up of the Dalits in Una, Gujarat by a group of so-called ‘gau rakshaks’ and asked the Centre to give an explanation in the same.

Leader of Opposition, Ghulam Nabi Azad in the Rajya Sabha said, “I appreciate PM Modi’s statement on Kashmir and his appeal to Kashmiri youth for shunning the path of violence. But we all want to know why it took the PM so long to break his silence on the issue.”

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Hitting on PM Modi for not expressing his concern over a matter here in the Parliament, he said, “The PM tweets and expresses his condolences if anything happens in a far-off nation, but he addressed the Kashmir situation from MP and not from the Parliament.”

He further went on to say that PM spoke about the Kashmir issue from MP and not from the Parliament and questioned the PM as to when MP turned into a center of national politics instead of the Parliament.

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Azas said that the Opposition has been continuous asking him to make statement on such issues inside the Parliament. Also, he attacked Modi for condemning the Dalit act in Telanghana and not here.

On the Kashmir issues Azad said that all the Kashmiris are a victim of militancy and that most of them have also lost their close ones due to militancy here. He added that a militant is a militant, no matter where he comes from. Law and order is not sole responsibility of Kashmir Police, paramilitary forces are also involved.

He further advised M by saying, “Don’t just love Kashmir for its beauty, love Kashmir for its people, love the children and people who lost their eyes due to violent protests there.”

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Defending Modi, Finance Minister Arun Jaitely said, “J&K is facing a sensitive situation today, there’s a need for all of us to speak in one voice.”