Pak govt should help India giving punishment to perpetrators: Congress

Photo of Congress leader Sandeep Dikhshit.

New Delhi: Referring to the disclosure made by the former Pakistan national security advisor Mahmud Ali Durrani on the Mumbai 26/11 terror attack, the Congress Party today stated that the India-Pakistan relations can be better if the Pak government would help India in giving punishment to the perpetrators.

While talking to the media, Congress leader Sandeep Dikhshit went on to say: “This was known to us from the very beginning but we welcome Durrani’s statement. This somewhere proves the claim which has been made by India from very beginning. I hope this would not be taken as just a statement and Pakistan government should come forward and help India in giving punishment to the perpetrators?”

He also said that the India-Pakistan peace would be maintained only if Islamabad helps India to penalize all the perpetrators involved in the Mumbai terror attack.

On the other hand, Ali Durrani also stated that the Mumbai terror attack was carried out by a terror group from Pakistan on November 26, 2008 and that it was a classic terror trans-border attack terrorist event.

However, talking at the 19th Asian Security Conference being held at the Institute of Defence and Studies and Analyses, Durrani further went on to say: “26/11 Mumbai attack carried out by a terror group based in Pakistan is a classic trans-border terrorist event.”

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