Pakistan don’t want dialogues with India

(Islamabad): Pakistan who shows world that the country is serious in combating terrorism to avoid uncertainty in the region has been proved completely false as its senior official Sartaj Aziz, who is the Adviser on Foreign Affairs to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that they were not desperate for talks with India.

Sartaj Aziz was quoted saying in news reports on Monday that Pakistan not desperate to resume peace talks with its counterpart.

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He added that there was no restlessness on the Pakistan side for a dialogue with Indian side.

Aziz also blamed India that they have never done efforts to open talks between the two countries.

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But later he quickly added that if we need to see peace in the region then there must be a “Coordination first”.

Basically, India has stopped peace talks between the countries were postponed after the terror attack on the IAF base in Pathankot in January.

“It is a very strange thing to say as it was decided here on December 9 that the dialogue will resume but then the Pathankot incident occurred and everything vanished into thin air,” Aziz said.

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He referred to Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar’s statement on the “slowly closing” window of goodwill and dialogue with Pakistan.

Parrikar had said that Pakistan separates terrorists between “good ones and bad ones”.

“They (India) say they will talk if we (Pakistan) make some progress on terrorism but we say that they (India) should talk on all issues including Kashmir,” said Aziz.

“The whole world agrees that India and Pakistan should have composite dialogue.”

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