Pakistan military supporting terrorist groups against India: US reports

Photo related to terrorists group.

Washington: According to a report by a group of eminent South Asian experts from 10 major American think tanks predicts that Pakistan’s military continues to support terrorist groups that attack India to keep it “off balance” and draws international mediation into dispute over Kashmir.

According to report titled ‘A New US Approach to Pakistan: Enforcing Aid Conditions without Cutting Ties’ which will be released here on Friday, Pakistan’s military has often disrupted nascent peace efforts pursued by Indian and Pakistani civilian rulers, most notably in 1999 during the Kargil war.

The report said, “Pakistani military leaders continue to support terrorist groups that attack India in an effort to keep it off balance and to draw international mediation into the dispute with India over Kashmir.”

It said, “Pakistan’s use of terrorist groups as part of its security and foreign policy is a function of its obsession with India, which it perceives as an existential threat. From an outside perspective, Pakistan’s paranoia regarding India is unfounded.”

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The report said while India may be unwilling to renegotiate Kashmir’s territorial status, numerous Indian leaders has tried to reach a modus vivendi with Pakistan.

It said, Pakistan never changed its policy of supporting certain militant groups that fight Afghan and coalition forces, making it impossible for the US to achieve its objective of keeping Afghanistan from reverting to a safe haven for international terrorism.

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