Pakistan wants to resume talks with India after state elections

Photo of Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif along with counterpart Narendra Modi (Right).

Islamabad: Pakistan has today expressed it desire to resume talks with India for a better environment to pursue peace between the two countries after the ongoing state assembly elections in the five states are going to be over.

According to Planning and Development Minister Ahsan Iqbal told media persons that by March end the elections in the five states will get over in Indian and it would be a better environment to pursue peace talks.

The Minister said, “In our elections India is not an issue, nobody speaks about India, nobody does any India-bashing, but somehow we feel that the electoral dynamics in India are still quite sensitive to Pakistan-bashing. So whenever you have an electoral process in India, the government takes a certain hawkish position towards Pakistan.”

In reply to a question, Iqbal said: “I think we should be mature enough to think beyond that; India and Pakistan have to live together, we cannot change our geography, and we must think in terms of peace.”

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Terming India’s reaction to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project “knee-jerk”, the Minister said New Delhi needed to look at CPEC as an opportunity to enhance regional cooperation.

Iqbal said, “If you are doing trade through CPEC you can reach out to any destination in China from this area. So we are very hopeful and we continue to work to normalise our relations with India.”

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