Pardaphash Exclusive: Lesson from Gorakhpur incident

Gorakhpur: There is no tragedy that can be greater than the helpless infants death. Lots of babies weren’t even named by their parents.

Having not given much impetus initially, the media descended on Gorakhpur like vultures.

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And there was a hashtag game on full flow in social media, with anchors screaming murder and massacre.

Not much of a surprise that the authorities and government were accused of a cover-up. That the tragedy occurred in Yogi Adityanath own constituency, came as a serendipitous opportunity for his critics.

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Adityanath, however, chose to remain silent.

At such crisis moments, nothing can go right if you happen to be in the government. An articulate speaker,Siddharth Nath Singh made a mistake by denying the deaths were because of the shortage of bottled oxygen, as indicated by initial reports.

He made a second blunder by saying that encephalitis had been prevalent in the area for a long time and it usually happens in August.

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Public perception, was quickly formed and the government was found guilty. On an expected note, Siddharth Nath Singh’s resignation was demanded.

Irrespective of the real story, a medical mishap of such proportion is indefensible.

Negligence cannot be condoned. There is a crying need for some calm analysis of the systemic malady that plagues the nation.


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