Pardaphash Exclusive: Vijay Mallya making fun of Narendra Modi government

The Narendra Modi government much publicized slogan to fight black money, corruption and cronyism was at the receiving end as UK court expressed surprise that India has not provided evidence to extradite Vijay Mallya as of now.

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You would be surprise to know that Mallya even made fun of the Indian media outside the extradition court.

Aaron Watkins, counsel representing India, admitted in the court he requires more time in order to give further proof to extradite Mallya.

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Even the UK court ridiculed India by saying that: “Are Indians normally very prompt in their responses?

The CBI is not doing their job properly and that despite Narendra Modi government’s claims of putting a stop to crony capitalism and corruption.

To make matter even ridiculous, the court also excused Mallya from appearing personally for the next hearing scheduled for 6 July, with the bail of Mallya also extended until 4 December.

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It is worthwhile mentioning that Mallya has been out on bail since his arrest in April in London.