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Pardaphash Special: Dr Kafeel Khan turn out to be a ‘Villain’

Gorakhpur: Pardaphash has learned that Dr Kafeel Khan, who was first being portrayed as a hero, would spend duty hours in his private hospital.

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Dr Kafeel was the chief nodal officer of Japanese Encephalitis department in the hospital and was sacked yesterday.

According to the sources, he bought oxygen using his own money when the BRD hospital faced shortage because of the non-payment of dues to suppliers.

However, after the initial probe, his role turn out to be quite dubious. Dr Kafeel is not known for his magnanimity, but for his private practice, and the cylinders he brought were those he syphoned off from the government hospital.

If hospital staff is to be believed, Dr Kafeel was one of the people responsible for the disaster in which 60 children died in a matter of three days.

Indications are that he took the help of his journalist friends to twist the narrative to his benefit.

Hospital staff say that Kafeel would charge commission on every purchase and would give a cut to his superiors.