Pardaphash Special: Hospital knows oxygen shortage

Lucknow: Even as the UP government keep on denying that 30 children died in a day in the BRD Medical College Hospital because of oxygen supply disruption on August 10, a letter written by chief medical superintendent Dr R.S. Shukla clearly mentioned that oxygen had ‘totally dried up’ on that fateful day.

Dr Shukla letter clearly highlights the liquid oxygen stock has completely dried up and a meeting of doctors consisting of head of pediatrics department and others was held on the morning of August 11, in room number 12 of the pediatrics department with regard to the situation review.

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UP minister for medical education Ashutosh Tandon is also feeling the heat from all quarter after his letter in which he had told MLC C.P. Chand that an investigation into the charges against BRD principal Raeev Misra had been ordered on July 10, which is 30 days before the tragedy struck.