Parel Railway Station Stampede LIVE update: Toll rises to 22, rescue work on

The toll in the Parel Railway Station stampede has mounted to 22 and the rescue work is still on. According to the information given by the officials, more than 30 people have been severely injured after a stampede happened on foot-over bridge at the Parel Railway Station at Elphinstone Road.

According to the information given by the officials, the injured people are being rushed to nearby hospitals and a team of doctors have also reached the spot.

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All the rescue work is underway and several injured people are being treated with first aid at the station itself. On the other hand few say that there was a rumour of the foot-over-bridge falling and this initiated the panic rush.

On the other hand the cause of injury is that there is a very narrow space in bridge passage and the railing for the bridge got broken as many were accumulated n that area due to rains.

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The injured have been taken to the KEM Hospital in Parel, the incident has turned out to be a disaster for the local people who are facing these trouble on the regular basis.

People present there told media that the administration open their eye only after such big incidents occur resulting in the loss of several lives. Despite of several complains there was no action taken since last few years by the government regarding the space related issues.