Paris prefer couples with lip-locks eyes

Paris: The city of love Paris will prefer those couples who will demonstrate their love with traditional lip locks rather than putting padlocks to bridges on the calm of Seine River.

Now a day’s Paris is famous for most popular custom of running its bridges and the city is making another effort to make an end to this tradition.

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The drive to curb the “love lock” trend is to launched in English and French, asking couples and tourists to declare their love in a different way.

According to French capital’s First Deputy Mayor Bruno Julliard said that “Paris is very romantic city, particularly around the Seine and its bridge, but we have to protect its heritage.”

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The movement is to pay unique thought to the iconic Pont Neuf Bridge, the oldest across the river Seine.

In 2014, one of the fences on the Pont des Arts, the next bridge downstream from the Pont Neuf, collapsed under the weight of the love locks that had been attached to it.

Paris officials later removed 70 tonnes of padlocks and installed glass barriers to prevent couples gaining access to the wire fence.

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The origins of the tradition are unclear. Some people have suggested that it became fashionable after the success of the 2008 novel “I Want You”, in which Federico Moccia’s characters show their love by attaching padlocks to a bridge in Rome.