Patanjali ordered to pay fine of Rs 11 lakh for false ads

Haridwar: Yoga Guru baba Ramdev’s company ‘Patanjali’ has been charged a fine of Rs 11 lakh for showing false advertisements to the public and also for misrepresenting its products.

The fine was imposed by Haridwar court when found that the company which is presently riding high on success by doubling the current profits by Rs 5,000 crore to Rs 10,000 crore is showing misleading ads by selling certain products with its label which was already used by some other manufacturing companies.

The court ordered the company to pay fine of Rs 11 lakh, under the Section 52 (misbranding) and Section 53 (misleading advertisement) of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 as well as Section 23.1 (5) of Food Safety and Standard (Packaging and Labelling Regulations, 2011) Act.

It also strictly mentioned that appropriate actions will be taken if there is no improvement in the products in the coming days. The case was filed against the company by ADM’S court after the company failed to pass the quality tests of products including salt, honey, jam, mustard oil and besan picked up for sampling on August 16, 2012.

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The tests were conducted at Uttarakhand’s only FSSAI-certified drugs and food testing lab located at Rudrapur. The case had been ongoing ever since.

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