Patna Live: Bihar has less crime rate compared to all BJP ruled states, says Nitish Kumar

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Patna: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, on Sunday, addressed people during the first joint rally of the grand “secular” alliance in Bihar. Attacking PM Narendra Modi with his harshest comments, Nitish said that my parents and grand parents have actively participated in the Indian freedom struggle, whereas Modi’s family has no such connection and still PM questions over my DNA.

Here is what Nitish said today:

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* Narendra Modi government is re-packaging the old schemes
* PM questioned my DNA; Said there is some problem in it
* Bihar population is collecting nails and scalp for DNA test
* People of Bihar will send those samples to PM’s office for DNA test
* Bihar has given several eminent personalities to the world
* My DNA is similar to that of every ‘Bihari’
* This is the same Bihar where people from across the globe sought admission in Nalanda University
* I am born on the soil that empowered the world and Modi says my DNA is wrong
* Modi made fun of JD-U by saying that Bihar has a jungle raaj. Bihar has a rule of law
* Several ministers visit here now and it seems that national capital has shifted to Patna
* Modi should also listen if he blames Lalu Ji for increasing crime rate in Bihar
* Delhi has more crime rate than Bihar. Delhi Police comes under the central government
* Bihar has less crime rate if compared to BJP ruled states like Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat and Maharashtra
* Delhi also tops in crimes against women
* People should decide where is ˜Jungle Raaj”