Paytm to educate merchants on digital payments

Photo related to payment through Paytm.

New Delhi: E-commerce platform and mobile payment company Paytm today announced that it will invest Rs 50 crore towards educating merchants about digital payments throughout the country.

The company has said that it will launch a 100 members ‘merchant help-desk’ that will teach how to use digital platform for making payment to make country free from cashless.

The help-desk will educate users about why the delay in transfer in a few cases, which happens due to the banking systems that are going through stress owing to load spikes or may not respond due to downtime or network fluctuation at the their end.

Vice President of Paytm, Sudhanshu Gupta said, in a statement, “It is our utmost priority to educate our partners who accept payments using Paytm.”

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In this regards the company has also launched a toll-free number 1800 1800 1234 that helps non-smartphone and non-internet users to pay or receive money using Paytm.

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