Peepli Live co-director accuse of American woman rape

New Delhi: The co-director of “Peepli Live” movie Mahmood Farooqui today served seven years of jail term after finding him guily of raping an American woman by a court.

A fine of Rs 50, 000 was imposed on Farooqui by Additional Session Judge Sanjiv Jain.

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Basically, Farooqui was on July 30th convicted of raping a 35-year-old American woman from Columbia University who was in India for research on her doctoral thesis.

The woman who was looking for contacts for her work in Gorakhpur and came in contact with Farooqui through a common friend, later woman moved to Delhi in June 2014.

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The victim woman was invited by Farooqui for dinner at his house where the incident occurred on March 28, 2015.

The woman, who reached his house at 9 p.m., found Farooqui was very intoxicated, and he asked her to go to the other room which was his office, according to the police chargsheet.

According to reports, after 20 minutes, she left the office room to smoke in the porch when he told her to come in and sit down, it said.

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After talking with her for a while, he suddenly kissed her and forced himself on her, the prosecution said, adding that the woman was scared after the incident.

The American researcher stood by her complaint during the trial and alleged that Farooqui had raped her, while he denied the allegations, and claimed he was falsely implicated.


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