People can judge reality between ‘Vikasvad’ and ‘Virodhvad’: Modi

Modi while speaking at a celebration of his government’s two years in office today went on to say that people can judge the reality between ‘Vikasvad’ (development) and ‘Virodhvad’ (obstructionism) that have emerged in the last 15 days.

On the other hand, it was Congress who retorted saying: ‘We are realistic, not obstructionist’.

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Congress leader Anand Sharma responding to Modi’s suggestion that the opposition to his government’s policies was reactionary in nature said “This is not the politics of obstructionism but of realism so that ground reality could be shown to them.”

He further stated that the manner in which Narendra Modi talked looks as if he has fulfilled all the promises he had made while running for office in 2014.

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