People fall in love with the characters we play: Anushka

Mumbai: Actress Anushka Sharma today stated that people get attached and fall in love with the characters they play in movies and further stated that being an actress she can play any role if the right opportunities come her way.

Anushka stated:”As an actress, I think I can do anything, but it depends on what kind of opportunities you get. I am lucky in that way. I have been given the kind of opportunities and done those kinds of roles. People have liked those portrayals. I think that is more important,” said here.

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Actress further stated that as an actor one always try to do more varied roles for the reason that with this you can make an impression on people with your roles.

Se further went on to say that the characters that actors depict on screen make people fall in love with that and hence everyone seeks for fine and diverse characters.

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