Petrol prices hiked by 28 paise a liter, Diesel slashed by 6 paise per liter

Photo related to petrol and diesel filling station.

New Delhi: The government today marginally hiked Petrol price by 28 paise per liter and slashed Diesel cost by 6 paise a liter, the revised rate will be affected from midnight tonight.

Earlier, petrol price was last hiked on September 1 by a steep Rs 3.38 per litre and by 58 paise a litre on 15th September.

The diesel prices was reduced by 31 paise per liter on September 15th.

Petrol will now cost Rs 64.33 a litre from midnight tonight as against Rs 64.05 from midnight.

Similarly, diesel will cost Rs 52.03 a litre as compared to Rs 52.63 a litre.

This is for the third time that Petrol and Diesel prices has been increased and slashed during this month.