PICS of Russian girl performs dangerous stunt for ‘selfie’ on Dubai skyscraper

Photo of a Russian girl performing dangerous stunt on Dubai skyscraper.

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Dubai: Russian model performed life threatening stunt on 73rd floor of a Dubai based building for about 20 seconds recently for the sake of getting popularity on social media platform to get her selfie get clicked along with her friend.

Although, Dubai police have summoned this Russian model who posed a video while hanging from a skyscraper to sign a pledge not to put her life in danger again.

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A local newspaper reported on Saturday, a 23-year-old model from Russia posted her video on her Instagram account which is getting viral on social media platform.

A video of the model who is identified as Viktoria Odintcova by local media, posted earlier in this week in which she can be seen performing dangerous stunt from about 1000 foot’s above the ground floor.

In the video she shows her stepping off a girder at the top of Dubai’s 73-storey Cayan Tower and dangling in the void, held only by a man gripping her hand.

Here we are providing you her video to have a look that how she put her life on risk but we request you not to perform such kind of acts in your real life.