PM Modi talks about criticisms, achievements as his govt. turns 2

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led BJP which came to power in the Lok Sabha Elections 2014 completes 2 years in office today. On this occasion PM Modi came forth and responded to the criticism he has been getting from the opposition over how slowly the government is working to rejuvenate the Indian economy.

In his interview to a leading daily, Modi said, “When I came to the government, I used to sit down with all the experts and ask them to define for me what is the ‘big bang’ for them. Nobody could tell me.”

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He added, “I have actually undertaken the maximum reforms. I have an enormous task ahead for myself.”

The 65-year-old further said that a way has been paved for the growth of the nation and that now the state government only needs to work as per changes.

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Further, he went to list down the achievements of the government mainly, the opening up more of the economy to foreign investment, efforts to control corruption and making it easy to do a business. Also, PM Modi added that the most talked about Goods and Services Tax Bill which is still pending in the Rajya Sabha due to lack of majority in the house, will be passed this year.

Talking on India’s foreign policy, Prime Minister Modi said that unlike before, India no longer stands in a corner.

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