PM Modi talks about daughters when he is yet to give due recognition to his wife: Azam Khan

Rampur: Samajwadi Party’s fire brand leader Azam Khan once again attracted controversy as he attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that he talks about daughters when but fails to bring his wife home.

Attacking PM Modi, Khan said, “The king (read Modi) brought his mother home. Once he brings his wife back, we will be thankful to him.” Hitting further, Azam said that PM talks about sending the minority community to Pakistan, however he himself visit an Islamic nation and that too without informing us.

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Azam Khan added, “The king (read Modi) touches the feet of (Pakistan Prime Minister) Nawaz Sharif’s mother and shakes his hand with traitors in a closed room.”

Talking on the Kairana Exodus Issues, the Samajwadi Party Leader said, “The BJP wants Gujarat-like riots. The party, on the insistence of the RSS, has conspired big-scale riots in western Uttar Pradesh.”

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This controversial statement from the leader comes at the time when he was in Rampur to distribute 391 e-rickshaws.