PM Modi yet again attacks so-called ‘gau rakshaks’, says ‘shoot me if you want, not Dalits’

New Delhi: On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, once again spoke against cow vigilantism and issued a call to ‘stop attacking the Dalits by saying that shoot me if you want but not the Dalits. Also, he asked the people to be aware of ‘fake gau rakshaks’ who want to destroy the unity within the country.

While addressing the party workers in Hyderabad, Modi said, “I would like to tell these people that if you have any problem, if you have to attack, attack me. Stop attacking my Dalit brethren. If you have to shoot, shoot me, but not my Dalit brothers. This game should stop.” He further went on to say that such incident bring him ‘unbearable pain’.

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Modi went on to say, “There are a few incidents that are very shameful. It is our duty to protect and respect the poor and Dalit people of our country. What right do we have to ill-treat our Dalit brothers and sisters? We are the people who talk about ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the world is one family)’ and if we cannot embrace our Dalit brothers and sisters, the world will not forgive us… We will have to strive hard to protect our nation from such anti-social elements, we will have to expose such people.”

At Town Hall on Saturday PM Modi for the first time attacked the saviors of cows and also talked about the Dalit incident in Una in which 11 members of the community who were thrashed by supposedly killing and skinning a cow. This incident created a nationwide stir.

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Following PM’s remarks, the RSS and the BJP condemned the ‘gau rakshaks’. Hitting on the saviors of the cow, RSS general secretary Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi called them a handful of opportunistic persons.

These remarks from the PM come at the time when the opposition was demanding an answer from him over the Una incident which was a hot topic of discussion which was stalling the Parliament proceedings.

Modi, earlier on Sunday while addressing a gathering in Telangana’s Gajwel said that he has asked the state governments to investigate these ‘gau rakshaks’ who have nothing to do with the cow but want to create tension within the society.

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These remarks come ahead of the crucial polls in UP Polls in which PM Modi wants to woo the Dalit electorate.