PM on demonetisation move- ‘People will see the difference very soon’

Photo of India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Deesa (Gujarat): Prime Minister Narendra Modi today stated that everyone will be able to see the difference and will start experiencing the result of the demonetization move in few days. The Prime Minister also said that queuing up at banks and ATMs after demonetisation will benefit the country in the longer run.

Narendra Modi further went on to say that India has the culture of selflessness and therefore they are working hard to leave good things for the upcoming generations. He stated: “In times of scarcity, the old people in our country leave something for the young and near and dear ones even if they have to undergo difficulties. This is our culture of selflessness.”

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Modi also assured the people that situation would begin to normalise after 50 days. “Everyone would start noticing and experiencing the difference.”

“Though the government has agreed the Opposition is not letting me speak in the Parliament over the issue. So I have to adopt this route (of addressing public gatherings),” he said.

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