Pokemon Go is prove to our Human Hunting Behavior

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Washington: As we all know that ‘Pokémon Go’ a game in which the player has to pray for virtual Pokémon characters. This game leads to an unbelievable addiction amongst so many people in the world and this addiction have also broke the record of watching porn lovers who are now busy in playing Pokémon Go.

Do You Know? What is the reason behind this addiction?

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Here is the answer to this addiction: According to a study from the University of Tennessee in the US. It is found that the reason behind the people getting addicted to Pokémon Go is the inherited instinct in human behavior of praying animals.

As we all know that we humans have been praying from years and years and this helped us to survive and also leads to increase in human growth in the World.
Therefore, saying that “It is possible that we all have the hunting skills, like dogs, cats and other predators,” is not going to be wrong, said Vladimir Dinets (an Author and Zoologist) from the University.

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The unacceptable popularity of this game shows that how we human are addicted to hunting.

A popular Blogger, Dinets, used himself as a case study that at least not all but some humans do have a hunting instinct history or, more precisely, an innate interest in finding and catching prey. “It is possible that we all have the hunting instinct, but it has never been proven.”

One thing to remember out this study is that “We have predator instincts and have to be aware of them. But this doesn’t mean that we have to be real predators; instead we can follow these instincts on more intelligent ways,” further added by Vladimir Dinets.

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Study was published in the journals of Humanimalia.

(Note:- Story by Ishita Chauhan)


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