Posters with ‘Rahul Gandhi missing’ circulate in Amethi

Several posters with tag line ‘Rahul Gandhi missing’ have been circulated in Amethi in the recent few days. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi is MP from Amethi parliamentary constituency and is been blamed for not coming or visiting his constituency and the people out there are not happy with his absence for such long time.

The posters carry the Gandhi scion’s picture, written below which is a reward for anyone who could trace their missing MP. The posters, however, are not attributed to any individual or organisation.

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People alleged that Gandhi has not visited his parliamentary constituency for six months now that has led to the anger and disappointment among the voters. The posters also said that Gandhi has insulted his voters with his behaviour.

At the same time as Congress workers in the district accuse the Bharatiya Janata Party and other political opponents for the sudden coming up of the posters, mostly in Gowriganj area; many regret that Gandhi has lost interest in Amethi after the embarrassing state assembly poll defeat in March.

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