Prajapati sent to 14-days judicial custody

Gayatri Prasad Prajapati
Prajapati sent to 14-days judicial custody

Accused of raping a women, former Samajwadi Party minister Gayatri Prasad Prajapati was today presented in front of the court and was then sent to the 14 days judicial custody.

Prajapati has been accused of raping a woman and had been absconding the since last couple of weeks. Earlier, the Supreme Court ordered the state police to file a case against the accused minister after a women made allegations that the minister along with six other men has gang-raped her. There were also allegations made that he also tried rape her 16-year-old daughter as well.

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Gayatri Prajapati despite being a senior Samajwadi Party leader lost the assembly election this time from Amethi.

Following to the orders by the Supreme Court regarding registration of FIR against the Prajapati, Bharatiya Janata Party stated that Samajwadi Party is shielding the tainted minister.

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