Preeti Mahapatra’s nomination for Rajya Sabha, nightmare for Sibal, Nagar

Gujarat based Preeti Mahapatra’s nomination as an independent candidate with BJP support for the Rajya Sabha elections in UP might turn out to be a nightmare for some parties and politicians.

The first name that will face the storm will be the Congress candidate and ex-Union Minister Kapil Sibal who needs five more votes keeping in mind that if all 29 party MLAs remain loyal to the party and cast vote in his favour on June 11. Apart from Kapil another name that might face the heat is the SP leader Surendra Nagar.

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All numbers shuffled with the entry of Preeti Mahapatra, has she not entered in the fight, Sibal would have been certain of a Rajya Sabha seat for the reason that voting is not necessary when there are 11 candidates for 11 seats.
Mahapatra is the wife of a millionaire businessman and is supposed to have links with BJP’s top brass including Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

She is trying her best to ‘convince’ MLAs of other political parties and independents to vote in her favour. Another possibility to be taken into consideration is that she has 11 votes in her favour but needs another 23 to win.
Now if sources are to be believed, few of the Congress MLAs are in touch with leaders of the BJP and SP and this might be the uncomfortable situation for Kapil Sibal .

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SP has fielded seven candidates and its seventh candidate is still short of 10 votes, after the expulsion of one party MLA Rampal Yadav who has signed on nomination paper of Preeti Mahapatra as proposer. It possibly will look for BSP support as well.

In 403-member Uttar Pradesh Assembly ruling SP has 229 MLAs, BSP 80, BJP 41, Congress 29, apart from some smaller parties and Independents. Every candidate would need 37 votes for victory.

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