Priyanka Chopra lashes out at media for misquoting her

Photo of Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra.

Mumbai: When Priyanka Chopra was asked by the media about why A-list Bollywood actress are making a mark in the Hollywood industry to which she said, Try, try and you will succeed but if you don’t try there is no success to be had that was exactly what she meant to say but the media after adding up spice into her quote that the male actors don’t have guts to try in Hollywood.

Priyanka rubbished the rumors and went on to say that: “Again, as usual, I was misquoted.” And correcting the line she further added: “When they (the media) asked me why the male actors weren’t doing anything, I said, ‘Maybe because they haven’t tried’. That’s all I said. I don’t know where ‘guts’ came from. I didn’t use the word, ‘guts’, and whatever I said was said in a lighter vein.”

All that the actress meant to say that maybe Indian actresses have been able to get entry in the Hollywood industry because they have tried for them.

Priyanka further went on to say that: “I don’t know why the boys haven’t. Anil Kapoor has done it. He has gone out of his way to work in Hollywood, but not many other Indian actors have. Try kare toh ho sakta hai (it might work out if they try). Irrfan (Khan) and Anil are the only two (actors) that come to mind.”

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