Priyanka’s Purple Pebble Pictures announce children movie projects

Photo of Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra.

Mumbai: Award winning actor and international icon, Priyanka Chopra is once again exploring new frontiers in entertainment. Firm in her belief that India is filled with exceptionally creative talent, Priyanka’s Purple Pebble Pictures (PPP) has announced its foray into childrens’ cinema. This year, PPP will release three films in Sikkimese, Konkani and Hindi. The childrens’ film genre has not been fully explored by mainstream cinema in India. The films made have been few and far between.

Announcing the new move by PPP, Priyanka said, “This time, the road less travelled has taken me into the wonderful world of children. It is a world where innocence, love and simplicity rule. This is a genre that I have always been very excited about and I’m so glad that I am in a position today to do something meaningful in this space. India is a treasure trove of amazing stories that we all have grown up on. These are across all our languages and well entrenched in our memories. Each one resonates because we can relate to them. The films we are producing will find a similar echo in each child’s heart.”

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All three PPP productions are written, directed and produced by an all women team. Says Priyanka, “It has been such an enriching experience to work with these incredibly talented women. Each one has created a world which is magical and draws you right in. I’m truly looking forward to working with my all woman team.”

To be released through 2017, PPP’s three children films are:

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• PAHUNA – Sikkimese
Written and Directed by Paakhi Tyrewala
First Sikkimese film
Pahuna is a brave story about the love, strength and courage of three Nepali children who get separated from their parents, while fleeing the Maoist agitation from Nepal to Sikkim.

• LITTLE JOE, KAHA HO? – Konkani & Hindi
Written and Directed by Suvrata Nasnodkar
Little Joe, Kaha Ho is a tribute to legendary cartoonists such as R.K Laxman’ and Mario Miranda and their beautiful world of cartoons! A light-hearted fun story about friendship, the film will be shot entirely in Goa.

• ALMASEER (Working Title) – Hindi
Written and Directed by Laura Mishra
Set against the backdrop of the epitome of love, the Taj Mahal, film is an endearing story of friendship and loyalty between a young boy and his dog.

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