Protecting rights of workers our first national responsibility: Sonia Gandhi

Photo of the President of Congress Sonia Gandhi.

New Delhi: Congress President Sonia Gandhi today stated that protecting rights of the workers is our first national responsibility and that the condition of the workers will not change only by talks, promises and slogans for which the government need to bring in new policies and better programs to bring a change in their lifestyle.

“Everyone has to realize that change in the condition of workers will not come about only by talk, slogans and promises. It will happen with true dedication and giving the workers right of equality and justice,” Gandhi said in a statement on the occasion of International Labor Day.

“To bring about a change in the lives of workers in the unorganized sector, governments will have to implement new polices and better programmes,” she added.

She said that if workers are left behind in the march of progress then development will remain incomplete.

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“In the march of progress, protecting rights of workers is our first national responsibility,” the Congress President said.

She also talked about the role of workers in India’s progress towards self-reliance in various sectors.

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